How to Use Phuket Transport

Phuket is a popular landing spot for tourists and for good reasons. It has a vibrant culture, food, activities and nightlife, which make it a great location for those who are looking for an adventure. The island has a lot to offer, but you will need to learn how to get to them. Here’s a quick guide on how to travel around Phuket.

Why You Should Have Your Wedding or Honeymoon in Phuket

More and more couples every year are choosing to have destination weddings. Why? Well, destination weddings are a completely different experience in itself. You are in a gorgeous location that isn’t just any place you’ve stopped by hundreds of times before. You get a fairytale wedding with your closest friends and family, where you get to say “I do” and embark on the adventure of a lifetime with your favorite person. Where better to start that adventure than in your perfect little slice of paradise?