5 Beach Games in Phuket For the Whole Family - Our Guide

Taking the kids to the beach is a fun family adventure that creates lasting memories. Nature is the best playground, after all. What better way to spend a vacation than playing in the surf? Once the school’s out, gather up your kids and head to a warm tropical destination to enjoy a few days under the sun. Here are some kid-friendly beach games that are sure to give everyone some serious fun!

1. Beach Ball Parachute

What you need:
A beach ball
A large beach towel

Parachutes are a lot of fun, especially when you’re in out in an open field of sand. Grab a large beach towel and have two people stretch it out by holding both ends. Take turns in tossing a beach ball in the middle of the towel, and see how high it can bounce. Throw it as high as you can and see if you can reach the skies! The person who can have it bounce the highest wins the round and gets an extra scoop of ice cream after dinner!

2. Dodge Ball Beach Edition

What you need:
A beach ball

This popular, fast-paced street game is a family favorite. Form two teams and take turns in throwing the ball and avoiding it. The rules are simple: duck, dip, dive, and dodge! The game aims to eliminate the opposing team by hitting all their members with the beach ball before the time runs out. You can set a single round for two minutes or 60 seconds for a high-intensity match. If the “it” players can catch your throw, they win the round and score a point. Aside from being encouraging some friendly competition, this game is an excellent cardio workout!

3. Beach Frisbee Golf

What you need:
A frisbee

This game puts a fun spin on traditional golf. You’ll need a relatively big space for this game, so save it for times when you’ve got most of the beach to yourselves. Dig several holes in the sand and place umbrellas in the sand as markers. The goal is to shoot the frisbee into the holes. The first team or player to get frisbees into all the holes wins!

4. Beach Scavenger Hunt

What you need:
A list of items to “scavenge”
Baskets or buckets for each kid

This game is a great way to encourage young children to explore nature and learn fascinating tidbits of science along the way. Give each child a list of things to look for and a bucket for their hunt. These items can be anything that can be found on the beach: uniquely shaped seashells, driftwood, colored rocks, crablets, and more! Be creative with your list to spark your kids’ imagination. Try “something smooth,” “something soft,” and so on. If you have lots of children in tow, you can divide them into two teams and designate a captain for each group. The first one to return to base with all items wins. Alternately, you could make the one who has more things to be the winner.

5. Wet and Wild Tug of War

What you need:
Skipping ropes or several beach towels

Divide your family into two teams. Stand by the shore or the shallow part of the ocean. Have everyone grab onto a sturdy skipping rope or beach towels tied together and pull at the count of three. Be ready to get wet and end up in the water!

The next time you go on a beach vacation, plan a few games that kids of all ages will enjoy. These will give everyone in your family a huge dose of vitamin sea and lots of laughter. They’re also a great way to keep your kids away from their phones and tablets!

After a day of fun in the sun, there’s nothing better than collapsing in the cool comfort of your room in a beautiful resort. Better yet, end the day lazing around on a pool float and watching the sun sink on the horizon. Doesn’t it sound like a dream?

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