5 Quirkly Couple Habits to Let Loose on Vacation

No matter what your relationship status is, a vacation is lots of fun. However, if you do have a loved one going with you, it will be a different experience. A vacation can help strengthen a bond between a couple, and may even help you decide if they are the one for you! There are a few things you must keep in mind if you ever go on a vacation with your significant other. For example, you two might argue, and chances are that it will be about something tiny because you both are stressed out from traveling. On a more positive note, you’ve got the opportunity to fall even more in love.

Put the troubles of work and home aside, as the time you have on vacation is time you should dedicate to your loved one and your relationship. Now is the time to be affectionate and cheesy, even if it makes the people around you blush and look away. As long as you’re not ruining the trip for someone else by overdoing the PDA, don’t worry too much. Here are a few quirky couple habits that you may have developed over the years that you shouldn’t be afraid of letting loose on vacation!

1 - Consider staying indoors

Many people think that the point of a vacation is to go out and enjoy new surroundings. Although it is fantastic to feel the sand under your feet and take in the fresh air, there are times when you might miss relaxing in an air conditioned room. Don’t feel guilty wanting to stay indoors for a day. After all, spending some quality time cuddling with your partner in a cold room is much more enjoyable than going to a place where you feel like you’re going to melt like ice cream.

2 - Feed each other

Have you ever judged someone for spoon-feeding their loved one in public? Well, you just might enjoy being cheesy and feeding your loved one! So, don’t worry about what other people think. It isn’t going to ruin anyone’s life, and no one is going to remember seeing that lovey-dovey couple feeding each other an hour from now, so go ahead and feed each other as much as you want (as long as your loved one wants it as well)!

However, do realize that feeding each other is not a gesture of affection. Sure, it can be sweet, but spoon-feeding usually occurs when you’re trying to get each other to eat new food. Perhaps your partner wants a bite of your food. Instead of letting them scoop a spoonful from your dish and knock over your drink, why not take it as an opportunity to feed them yourself? It isn’t only a chance for you to earn some brownie points with your partner, but you’ll be saving your drink, too!

3 - Take a few couple selfies

Follow a lot of couples on Instagram? It’s hard to ignore the fact that your feed is probably full of couple photos. Sure, you could ask a stranger to help take a photo of the two of you to add your own shot to the crowd, but why do you want to make them feel uneasy as the two of you kiss each other for a picture? You can easily just take a selfie and make it look much more natural. Plus, it is good practice in case no one else is around to snap a shot.

4 - Act like kids for a day

When you go on a trip alone, you get to choose what you want to do, whether it’s engage in adrenaline-inducing activities or kick back and relax under the beautiful sun. When you go with your significant other, you’ve got to choose the activities that both of you will enjoy. Why not be kids for a day and take a dip in the ocean as you splash water all over each other? Pull off some underwater gymnastics and play like you did when you were six years old. Don’t let the boring grown-ups tell you what to do. Get out there and release the kid in you!

5 - Pack light by sharing items

Ever shared a toothbrush to save space? You may call it ‘lazy,” while others call it ‘efficient.’ However, it is normal for people to want to pack as light as possible when they travel. Either you want to save your back from all the strain or avoid overweight baggage costs. Why not share a towel with your loved one? Bring a bottle of shampoo and soap for both of you to use!

Whatever the two of you decide to do, remember to have fun! This is the best time to enjoy each other’s company and be yourselves. Who knows, you might figure out whether or not your partner is the one truth for you.

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