How to Plan a Fun Multigenerational Vacation

Everybody needs to take a break from routine and fly away from the bustling city. However, putting the entire family together - including grandma, grandpa, and children - can involve plenty of unexpected challenges.

The generation gap within one large group can be stressful as finding the ideal activities that everyone can enjoy can be difficult, but the reward of pulling it off results in an experience your family will cherish forever. To that end, here are some tips on how to plan the ultimate vacation for multigenerational travelers that should keep everyone happy.

Tip #1: Get Everyone Involved in the Planning Process

While it’s essential to have someone take charge of organizing the vacation, it’s crucial to have everyone involved in the planning process. By gathering input from all members of the family, it’s easier to reach a decision that caters to each individual’s expectations and needs. This includes choosing the destination together, travel preferences, as well as the main activities your family will do.

Tip #2: Consider an All-Inclusive Resort

For larger families that don’t want to be bothered with too much planning and budgeting, an all-inclusive resort may be right up your alley. It’s designed to cater to families of all ages and includes comfortable rooms that can host multiple vacationers, family-friendly activities, as well as a dedicated area lined with restaurants of diverse cuisines.

Before booking a room, be sure to find out precisely what is included. Back in the days of Club Med, all-inclusive resorts truly included everything. Nowadays, there’s a limit to the inclusive list. Food and select alcoholic drinks may be a given, but some deals draw the line when it comes to spa services, motorized water sports, and top-shelf alcohol or premium dishes involving shrimp, steak, or lobster. To that end, it’s best to do your research and know exactly what you’re getting so there won’t be any surprises or hidden charges. This also ensures that whatever is actually provided is enough for you to call it a worthy vacation.

Tip #3: Plan a Fun Activity for Everyone

The age-old saying different strokes for different folks is more accurate than ever when it comes to planning for multigenerational trips. To that end, be sure to include activities that everyone can enjoy and consider the varying degrees of difficulty. Keep in mind that not all members of the family will want to join the action.

For instance, your grandparents may want to skip out on hiking, so it’s essential to have other plans in mind for them, such as a leisure boat ride. This ensures that no member will be left alone at the rental or hotel with nothing to do. To that end, the more extensive the age range of your extended family, the more options you’ll need to consider.

Tip #4: Take a Break

While vacations are meant to give you a break from your busy schedule, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t need some time apart if you’re spending it with your extended family. To keep the family dynamics from unraveling and causing trouble, it’s healthy to plan a day where everyone can do other things of their choosing.

For instance, you can hit the beach with the kids while their grandparents can take the afternoon off unwinding at the resort, hotel, or rental’s available wellness spas. Regrouping at the end of the day can bring fun stories that everyone can share over dinner, allowing the vacation to be a relaxing time for everyone.

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