Nine Reasons Why You Should Book a Private Villa in Phuket

The accommodation is an essential part of a great trip. You can’t expect to have the perfect relaxing getaway trip if you’re staying in some shady hostel in the back alley. For those who are looking to enjoy your next holiday trip to its fullest, why not consider booking a private villa? If you’re still debating whether a private villa is really worth the extra bucks, here are nine reasons why we say that it is:

1. Privacy

It should be apparent in the name that a “private” villa gives you all the privacy you would want in the world. When you’re on holiday with your date, spouse, or family, you want to leave the world behind and relax. A private villa will give you all the alone time you could ask for, and that’s the best you can ask for when you’re on vacation.

2. Comfort

When you book a hotel, you have to share a lot of the amenities with the other guests, and that can be inconvenient at times. With a private villa, everything you see in the villa is for you and you alone. You don’t have to worry about some inconsiderate tourist hogging all the free stuff and ruining your perfect poolside Instagram shot anymore.

3. A wide range of amenities

A private villa comes equipped with everything you need, from the basic amenities like a microwave and a fridge to more advanced ones like an outdoor hot tub or a sauna.

4. No rush

When you’re on a trip during the high seasons, you know that it can be impossible to use anything in the hotel thanks to the long lines. With a private villa, everything will be there to welcome you so you won’t have to worry about having to get up early to use something when you should get to sleep in.

5. No frustration

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re working with a hotel, and even talking to the staff can be the most frustrating thing ever. In a private luxury villa, you already have everything ready for you, and you don’t have to interact with other people. You can spend quality time with your family without having to worry that others might ruin it for you.

6. Spacious unit

When you book a private villa, you will have all the space for yourself. This means that your children can have their own rooms and you and your spouse can have your own space as well. This way, everybody is happy!

7. Amazing views

Most villas are located in an area with great views and a fantastic scenery. You can be sure that both your body and your mind can relax when you book a private villa.

8. Unrivaled value

Although they cost more upfront, when you compare what you get from a private villa to a hotel room, it’s obvious that the villa will win in the value department every time. Your privacy and absolute comfort are invaluable to you, and that’s something that a hotel can’t offer. So when you really think about it, there’s really no debate.

9. Pet-friendly

When you’re planning a trip, you can’t help but feel bad about leaving your pet behind; that’s not the case with a private villa. Just about each one of them welcomes pets, so you can take your furry friend with you and not having to worry about them missing you at home. Ayara Kamala Resort is the perfect place to stay for your trip to Phuket, based in the best area of Phuket with shuttles to & from the airport, we make your stay one to remember - book today!