Our Top 5 Reasons to Visit Phuket in the Winter Months

When we think about beach vacations, we picture bright summer days and the sun, sand, and sea. What many people don’t realize is that beach vacations don’t choose any climate. Tropical countries don’t have winters, so if it’s dreary and cold in your area, why not take that beach holiday now?

With that, here are the top five reasons to go on a beach holiday during winter:

1. There will be fewer crowds

Many families book their vacations when school’s out and it’s usually during warm and sunny weather. While it’s fun to have summer beach parties, resorts can get too crowded and noisy. This makes it hard to enjoy peaceful, relaxing moments by the shore when there are too many people.

During the winter, on the other hand, there are fewer crowds, and beaches become beautifully tranquil. You can read a book, sunbathe, meditate, and have a wonderfully quiet time.

2. There are amazing deals and discounts

During the low season, which is usually after summer and right before Christmas celebrations, seaside resorts and hotels offer huge discounts for tourists. Some even slash half of their daily rates! If you book months in advance, you can also get an additional early-bird discount.

When you get to your beach destination, you’ll find that most activities are offered at amazingly low prices. You can avail of buy one, get one promo for water sports, island hopping tours, and other fun adventures!

3. There are no queues

If you’re heading to a world-class beach resort, you’ll want to try popular restaurants and major tourist attractions. These shops are usually filled with eager customers and may even have a long waiting list during peak seasons. Take advantage of the lean season, as there’ll be no queues, allowing you to walk right into the best bistros, museums, and other famous local establishments.

4. The vibe is more romantic.

Whether you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary or going on your honeymoon, winter is the perfect time to spend it at a beach resort. When there are fewer tourists, you’ll get the exotic island all to yourself. You and your partner can spend intimate moments together and enjoy a private dinner under the stars, or take a romantic boat ride to see majestic sceneries. It’ll undoubtedly be a vacation to remember.

5. You will discover authentic local spots

When there are few tourists, most beachside shops will be temporarily closed. This will be the perfect time to explore the roads less traveled. Seek out the side streets and observe how locals conduct their daily activities, and you’ll witness amazing cultures and traditions.

Go on a laidback food trip and discover delectable authentic cuisine or enjoy a drink at a homegrown cafe and chat with the store owner. You may even be invited to a town fiesta or backyard party. When a coastal is quiet, you’ll be welcomed with warm hospitality and genuine smiles that you won’t experience during the busy months.

Are you looking for something fun to do during the holidays? Pack your bags for on an island getaway! If you’re not afraid of a few drizzles, you’ll be surprised to find the best seaside deals during the low seasons.

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