The Benefits of Staying in a Luxury Ocean View Villa

There’s nothing quite like a luxurious vacation in a gorgeous villa where you can overlook the ocean. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and walking over to the porch of your villa to watch the awe-inspiring sunrise in complete comfort and privacy. Many people love the idea of staying in a luxury ocean view villa but opt for cheaper accommodations during their stay. What if I told you that when you travel to Phuket, you can enjoy a lavish vacation for quite a decent price!

Here are some reasons why you should choose to stay in a luxury ocean view villa:

You wake up to the beauty of the ocean every morning

Even if you aren’t a morning person, you’ll be up early to pull your curtains open and watch the first rays peer over the horizon, sparkling over the beautiful sea. The sky, the ocean, and the surrounding scenery will never cease to be incredibly beautiful. You won’t get sick of seeing the breathtaking tropical sky and the magnificent ocean, regardless of how long you will be staying. Start the day off right in a luxury ocean view villa - we promise you it won’t quite be like anything else!

You get to enjoy the cool, salty breeze

If this is your first (or fiftieth) trip to Thailand, chances are the humid heat of the tropical country never ceases to make you plan your days around air-conditioned comfort. Fortunately, most luxury ocean villas are set high up and allow you to enjoy a cool, fresh breeze throughout the day. You’ll definitely be wanting to spend more time outdoors!

You get breathtaking views from the comfort of your own room

Viewpoints set at various places throughout Phuket have always been hot attractions for tourists and locals alike. They give you the chance to admire gorgeous views of the ocean, the town, the mountain, and the islands nearby. What if I told you that you could enjoy a breathtaking view from the comfort of your own room? Don’t bother waking up at 5 am to trek to a viewpoint for the sunrise - just slip out of bed and set up a blanket and some hot tea on your porch and you’ll enjoy the perfect sunrise.

You get the perfect sunrise and/or sunset perch

Speaking of sunrises, you definitely need to catch a sunrise and a sunset (or as many as possible) while you’re in Phuket. There’s just something about the rays peeking over the horizon and spreading across the sky in a multitude of colors. Rather than clamoring for space at a nearby viewpoint, why not watch it with your loved one while lounging in an infinity pool? It will certainly be an experience that you’ll never forget. Plus, it’ll make for an incredible Instagram photo!

You get privacy and relaxation

If you’re looking for a comfortable, relaxing beach vacation without too much hyped-up partying, a luxury ocean villa is perfect for you. You’ll get to enjoy private accommodation with breathtaking views. Most of these villas are further up mountains and not close to the resorts on the beach. This means that you’re in for a more private experience with the sea on one side and the green, thriving forest on the other. It’s the perfect nature retreat with modern comforts.

A luxury ocean view villa offers you a lavish stay that you’ll never forget. The modern amenities allow you to spoil yourself while the natural beauty of the surrounding area reminds you that you’re still in nature. Just close your eyes, imagine listening to the crashing sea, and book a villa today!