The Best Type of Accommodation You Can Find in Phuket

When you make plans to travel to a completely unfamiliar country, the first thing that you do is book accommodation. This usually means either giving a hotel a call to make a reservation or doing it online through a booking portal or a third-party site. Compared to the olden times when seeking shelter in unfamiliar territory meant clearing an area and setting up camp for the night, people are now more accustomed to convenient options that make it much easier to be in a home away from home — with hotels being the common substitute.

However, in regards to authenticity, hotels aren’t always the best option to take when experiencing a country’s culture in the best way possible, especially because most luxury hotels are essentially just replications of the original sister establishments. Unbeknownst to most people, the best types of lodging in some countries isn’t a hotel room; for example, homes in Europe provide an even better experience during a tourist’s stay as compared to a standard hotel chain.

Of all the countries and cities where you could choose an alternative form of accommodation, Phuket has shown itself to be the most interesting subject compared to its other counterparts.

What really happens when you try to book a hotel in Phuket

Booking a room in a hotel in Phuket is what most foreigners do when travelling to the amazing Thai city, but most people don’t know that they could actually have a whole villa to themselves with just about the same amount of cash needed for a deluxe hotel suite!

Obviously, a villa is the better option because of the huge contrast in space that you get as compared to hotel rooms. However, there’s a lot more as to why you should choose a villa over a hotel when trying to find accommodation in Phuket.

The difficulties of getting accommodation in Phuket hotels

Unless you’re staying in a remote area, getting a hotel room is no longer a practical choice due to the limited amount of space that you get at a much higher price. Aside from the cramped situation of staying in a hotel room, the lack of personal space carries onto the lobby and hallways of the hotel when it’s the holiday season — the total opposite of what you want to get when you shell out a significant money to get your room! Other than the space issues that take place when getting a hotel room, the complete lack of an enjoyable and relaxing environment also make hotel-based accommodation far less attractive due to the inability of your hotel management in making you feel relaxed.

While there are a whole lot more reasons as to why hotels in Phuket are failing to give customers a solid bang for their buck, there’s one part that they’re truly missing out on: solitude. Customers choose hotels because of the privacy and solitude that they can get when they pay the booking fee, but they seldom ever truly get it due to noisy neighbors, annoying kids whose parents can’t keep them quiet, and standard drunk tourists causing scenes while barely stumbling back to their bedroom.

Villas succeed where hotels fail

Other than the huge amount of space, there are several other strong reasons as to why you should get accommodation in a villa instead of a hotel. First and foremost, villas are the EPITOME of privacy and security; we’re talking about whole building all to yourself, with no annoying neighbours or other guests to share it with. With the immense privacy that comes with villas, you won’t have to worry about any amount of sleep over hearing loud noises at night, or paper-thin walls that can’t keep outside noise far away from your eardrums! Getting a Thai villa also means that you’ll be in your own little dream world far away from any unnecessary distractions or stress, simply because most, if not all villas are designed to provide a private environment that makes relaxation so much easier. For the cost of one higher-class hotel room, you can get a night’s stay at a Thai villa with five times the convenience, comfort, privacy, and security that you’ll be experiencing.

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