Tips for Enjoying an Allergy-Free Holiday

A bad food allergy can definitely ruin your vacation, and worse, put your life in danger should there be no immediate relief available. Sadly, the risk of you coming into contact with foods that trigger your allergies increase when you’re on vacation. This is because you might not be aware of all the ingredients included in certain dishes. However, food is a part of travel. It would be unfortunate if you were unable to enjoy the local delicacies.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of misconceptions and a lack of education regarding food allergies in dining establishments, particularly in Asia. Oftentimes, the cooks and servers just aren’t that savvy in terms of special dietary requirements. In fact, at least 20 percent of participants from the restaurant industry believe that consuming a small amount of an allergen won’t cause any harm to anyone. Meanwhile, at least 30 percent believe that drinking water can dilute the allergen and relieve someone of their symptoms.

Although this may turn you off of the idea of eating out on vacation, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid traveling completely if you have food allergies. There are ways you can reduce the risks of triggering your food allergies. Here are some tips:

Stay in a Private Villa

Staying in a private villa lets you enjoy personalized service. This includes having the luxury to ask for special requests, particularly in relation to your diet.

Before you even finalize your vacation plans, get in touch with the private villa owner, manager, or representative. Talk to them about your special requirements and make them understand that your food allergies are a serious matter. Ask whether they can accommodate special requests regarding the food that will be prepared and served to you once at their villa.

Furthermore, find out what measures do they have in place in case of accidental allergy attacks. Do they have trained medical staff at the villa? Do they have first-aid training? Do they have medicine on-hand? Is a hospital nearby in case you’ll need immediate medical attention?

Request a Personalized Menu

If you’re staying in a private villa, it will be easier to request a personalized menu. Avoid the local restaurants around the area and eat food from your villa, which will be prepared according to your requested menu. Private luxury villas often offer the service of personal chefs, which is a good thing for you as you can request for a customized menu. Make sure the chef learns about your food allergies and sensitivities so that they can eliminate ingredients that trigger your symptoms from the dishes they will prepare, cook, and serve.

Give Menu Suggestions

If you’ve lived with food allergies all your life, you probably already know how to prepare your food and what substitute ingredients to use for something that you’re allergic to. You can give the villa chef some suggestions to make their job easier. You should also request for them to run menu plans by you.

Remember That Communication is Key

By communicating your sensitivities and allergies to the villa’s staff even before arrival, you will be at ease and able to make the most of your holiday without worrying about triggering your allergies.

Regardless of that, you should be prepared for the worst. Carry your medicines with you at all times and be with someone who has an idea what to do in case you get an accidental attack.

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