Why You Should Have Your Wedding or Honeymoon in Phuket

More and more couples every year are choosing to have destination weddings. Why? Well, destination weddings are a completely different experience in itself. You are in a gorgeous location that isn’t just any place you’ve stopped by hundreds of times before. You get a fairytale wedding with your closest friends and family, where you get to say “I do” and embark on the adventure of a lifetime with your favorite person. Where better to start that adventure than in your perfect little slice of paradise?

We think you should consider having your wedding in a private Phuket villa. Here’s why:

It gives you your privacy

A secluded private villa allows you to have your own little bubble during your wedding. You’re renting out an entire property, so you don’t have to worry about the odd person walking by. You’ll be surrounded by your loved ones alone.

Private villas also often come with private beaches, meaning that you could even get married by the shore without kids kicking and screaming in the ocean and random people looking on. For that day, the beach will be yours and yours alone.

It comes with an amazing view

Doesn’t it sound amazing to get married to a backdrop of the sun working its magic or the majestic mountains towering above? There are lots of gorgeous locations you can gain access to when you rent a Phuket private villa. Whether you want a sunset wedding or a private garden ceremony, it’s up to you. These picture perfect locations will certainly make your ceremony unforgettable.

It can accommodate the entire program

A private villa is a perfect place to hold your ceremony, your reception, and your honeymoon. After you’ve said your vows, your wedding party can simply move on to the reception right away. And after the night’s festivities have worn down, you and your beloved don’t have to hop on a plane or a car to travel to your honeymoon destination - after all, you’re already there.

It allows you to keep your ceremony intimate

Oftentimes, wedding guest lists get longer because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them to the ceremony. A couple of childhood friends and few ex-coworkers later, you’ve got a list much longer than you anticipated. When you choose to get married in a private Phuket villa, you’ve got an excuse for keeping your ceremony private and intimate. You can restrict it to family and your closest friends without hurting too many people’s feelings.

It offers you more flexibility when it comes to food

When you get married in a hotel, you usually have to choose from a couple of fixed menu choices. When you choose a private villa, your options are suddenly endless. The guest list is smaller and the staff is always happy to customize the menu to your needs.

It gives you the opportunity to extend your stay

A hotel usually only gives you a day to celebrate. With a private villa, you can book a couple of extra days and spend more time with your loved ones. Think about it. You can get there a day early and have the rehearsal dinner on the beach. On the next day, you can celebrate the wedding. After some rest, you can go sightseeing the next day! It’s a great chance to have a wedding and a vacation all in one!

It allows the celebration to keep going

Want to keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning? With a private villa, this is perfectly fine! You’ve got your own private space and you aren’t about to be kicked out at a certain hour, so celebrate with your loved ones in peace!

It’s worth your money

Private villas are a complete package. You get amazing accommodation, unmatched amenities, a picture perfect view, and complete privacy. And you may get all this at a better price than you’d think!

Book a private villa in Phuket for an unforgettable wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon experience. Get in touch with us today!