The Andaman

The Andaman

Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa

The most private and secluded ocean-side escape Kamala can offer. Our very own entry to the Andaman, leave the resort in the wind of your own kayak or splash in off the rocks with a snorkel to see what lies beneath. Our beach boy guides will help you discover a rustic part of Phuket still hardly explored and enjoyed.

Also an ideal picnic spot, photo-shoot or just a simple way to unwind through a nice romantic stroll to truly get away from it all. In high season enjoy our refreshing food and drinks, barbeque nights and comfortable sunbeds as well as many other exciting options announced on arrival.

Snorkeling and Kayak Free of Charge. The rustic beach access is seasonal, depending on the sea level that varies throughout the year.

Typically, the beach access is open from December to March, and closed from April to November. Please kindly contact our front office staff or reservations at for more information.

The Andaman