5 Must-Try Authentic Phuket Dishes - Our Guide

Tom Yum Kung, Pad Thai, and Som Tam are a few popular Thai dishes that just about everyone knows of. However, this proud kingdom is home to a much wider variety of flavorful and traditional cuisine. Take Phuket, for example. Visitors of this pristine island satisfy their Thai food cravings with a taste of the delicious local cuisine. Little did they know that this tourist destination in Southern Thailand has a rich history of culinary traditions.

Phuket’s must-try delicacies don’t get much love because it is as rare as the people who can cook these treats. They are often sold far from the typical tourist areas which means that you have to embark on a journey to get a taste. Combine that with an exploration of Phuket Town’s culture and you will have one tasty experience. Here are the must-try authentic Phuket dishes:


This is Phuket’s version of vegetable salad. Those who love spices will enjoy the flavorful dressing, a fusion of garlic, soy sauce, dried chilis, and tamarind sauce. This mix drenches the main ingredients of fresh vegetables, eggs, tofu, and noodles. A perfect treat during lunch, this flavorful dish combines traces of sweet, spicy, sour, and salty tastes while the crispy noodles give this delectable meal a little bit of crunch.


This signature Phuket dish was inspired by the Chinese migrants who came to work in the area centuries ago. A favorite among locals, this stew-like recipe combines pork entrails and deep-fried tofu with five spices and a sweetener. It is often compared to Pahlo and was previously widely recognized as an appetizer. Nowadays, however, it is part of the main course and savored with rice.

Bak Kuh Teh

While this sumptuous soup can also be found in Indonesia and Malaysia, Phuket’s version of this pork rib stew features a darker color due to the soy sauce. This Hokkien-inspired dish gets its lush taste from Chinese herbs and aromas while its nutritious ingredients make it a delicacy well-loved by locals and migrant Chinese workers alike.


Seafood lovers will enjoy this gratifying dish of deep-fried battered oysters with boiled taro, eggs, and sprouted beans. These ingredients are coated with a special seasoning that makes it a delightful treat. Whether you order it as a side dish or as your main meal, the richness of this distinctive grub will leave you coming back for more.


After discussing appetizers and main course dishes, we’ve now come to Phuket’s top bet for dessert. Cool down from a hot day of traveling by grabbing a serving of this mouthwatering concoction. Crushed ice is blended with cooked red beans, sweet syrup, and a special jelly that isn’t made from the typical agar-agar powder. Instead, the beans are soaked in water with bananas to cook this nutritious delight that is often enjoyed after the main course.

Best places to try these Phuket dishes

Mee Sapam and Mee Ton Pho are two restaurants in Phuket Town that offer these traditional food options as well as some scrumptious Hokkien-style noodles. Mee Ton Pho can be found at Sakdidet Soi 1 Road and at Kathu near the final red-light before the uphill road to Patong.

Meanwhile, you’ll feel well immersed in the local culture when you dine at Lok Tian, located at the junction of Yaowarat and Dibuk streets. You are sure to enjoy a palatable lunch here despite the noise and the clamoring of hungry customers.

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