5 Quirkly Couple Habits to Let Loose on Vacation

If you're craving for fresh air, soothing sand, and crisp blue waters, head for the beach on your next holiday! Beaches are the perfect places for a holiday visit, especially if you're going with your family! The kids get to run around, while the adults sit back and relax. An evening at the beach shared with your loved one is also quite a romantic experience.

What else is incredible about beaches? Photography! If you've gone through your friend's Instagram feed on their beach holidays, you'll notice how beautiful it looks. Of course, this will depend on their skills in taking photos. When you're out there on the beach, how do you take the best photos? Here are five tips to help you perfectly capture the moments:

1 - Choosing the Right Colored Clothes

If you've seen beach ads, you'll notice that the people are wearing colors that match the surroundings. If you're trying to figure out which color you should wear, choose white! If you want variety for your family photo, pick one intense color, and let everyone else choose styles that complement it. What will happen is that everyone will bring an extra set of clothes for the photo shoot, and then change into their swimming attire right after.

2 - Select the Right Time of Day

The best time to take photos is as the sun rises or sets, which is known as the golden hour period. The beautiful lighting will create a stunning ambiance, capturing the mood and moment. Generally, morning is the best time because not only do you get the best light, but the beach isn't crowded as well. Taking a photo during midday will create harsh shadows that don't look flattering. However, there are still ways to go about this. Use a flash to fill the shadows or take the photo in black and white mode to give a new feel to the picture.

3 - Choose an Inspiration

Do you need ideas on how to take photos? Head to Instagram and check out professional photography, particularly ones done on the beach. While you may want to take candid images, applications such as Instagram can still give you inspiration for new ideas. Save the images for reference when you need it. Picking different subjects like birds and crabs will also allow you to create unique photo stories.

4 - Go When No One Wants To

Going to the beach during the summer may seem like a no-brainer, but if you're there to take photos, a background filled with people may not be the brightest idea. Look for spots where fewer people are roaming around to reduce the risk of someone accidentally walking into one of your photos. When the weather looks like it will rain, most people start leaving, but you can stay back with umbrellas and have a cloudy setup. The evening is also a great time to take photos, but you'll need the proper equipment. With enough patience and effort, you will enjoy the results.

5 - Hire A Professional

Sometimes, all you need is to ask someone who knows what they're doing. This is your best ticket at capturing stunning candid shots of you and your family. All you have to worry about is that everyone is happy at the beach! Discuss with your photographer of the type of photos you want, with the cooperation of everyone else as well. Although it will cost you some money, the photographs will be priceless. You can post it on Instagram to show off to your friends, and treasure that photo for the rest of your life.

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