Choosing Between a Villa and a Hotel - How to Choose

Holidays are chances to step back and relax, making memories with your loved ones. You can take a break from your daily life, let work take a backseat, refresh your mind, relax your body and renew your energy to start afresh. And what better way to do that than luxuriously and comfortably?

We all look for the best hotels at competitive prices when we try to book one for our holiday. But have you ever considered spending your holiday in a luxury villa? Imagine waking up in a property that belongs to you for the entire span of your holiday, where you don’t have to share your space with anyone, where you can eat and sleep as you please, where you can hang around or party if you like, where comfort meets luxury, and where you are the boss. In this article, we have listed the reasons why you should book a villa for your next vacation.

1. In Trend

The popularity of private villas is growing and not without reason! With all the necessary amenities and a whole lot of space, a villa is your private home when on vacation.

2. Value For Money

We usually don’t mind spending a few extra bucks when on holiday, all for comfort. But what if we told you that a villa could actually cost you less than a 5-star hotel! If you are taking your family out for vacation, renting a private villa might actually save you some dollars. You will not only save money on hotel rooms, but you will also save on food. A villa has a fully-equipped kitchen where you can cook your own meals or have a chef do it for you, whenever you like. This way, you save the extra dollars you would spend eating out during your vacation. What’s best is that you have an entire property with a kitchen, pool, gym, game room, and other incredible amenities to yourself at a price that no hotel could beat.

3. Complete Privacy

There is no doubt that those spontaneous and relaxed moments with family and friends become the best memories of a holiday. And the best part about a villa is that it lets you make those memories. In a hotel, you are always aware of guests in the next room or concerned about other guests sharing the common areas like the pool with you. These things are not a concern in a private villa. You can enjoy in the pool with family for as long as you like, sip sundowners at the deck, laze around in the daybed, or enjoy a barbeque feast with family by the pool. You get the privacy to do as you please with no one to stare or ask questions.

4. Set Your Own Schedule

When you book a hotel, you need to schedule your day according to the room service, laundry, and restaurant timings. Safari camps and lodges are much less flexible than hotels - room service is rare and meals and activities happen according to a specific menu and times. If you are the kind of traveller who prefers to be the master of his own schedule, book a villa for your vacation. In a private villa, you set your own schedule, not your hotel or lodge. Eat, sleep, and explore at your own will.

5. Enjoy Extra Comforts

There is no denying that top class hotels offer luxurious services that are hard to find anywhere else — for instance, a spa, soft and comfy beds, a beautiful bath, a sommelier to pair your main course, and more. But hang on - you get all this and much more at a private villa! While most villas don’t have a spa, the staff can arrange for a masseuse to come and serve you, you get a private chef who can serve mouth-watering dishes based on your recommendations, a private butler, an entertainment room, a library, designer decor, and much more – all of this only for you to enjoy.

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