Cultural Attractions That You Must See When in Phuket

Phuket is known as the crown jewel of the Andaman Sea and the Pearl of the West Coast of Thailand. Thanks to its rich history, well-preserved natural beauty, and unique culture, the island province has proven to be one of the most popular locations for tourists from all over the world. If Phuket is not one of the destinations that you're considering for your next trip, here are five reasons why you should add it to your travel plan today!

An Exciting City

The Phuket town has more to offer than what most people would think, and a mere half day in the city is not enough to give you the full picture of this amazing place. You can spend an entire day dashing through the nooks and crannies of the city, and you will find something that surprises you around every corner. Whether it’s the amazing street food scene, the nightlife, or the numerous handmade souvenir shops on every road, there isn’t a moment that isn’t full of excitement!

Sino-Portuguese Architecture

Phuket City contains traces of several different cultures around the world, from Portuguese, Chinese, and Muslim, to Thai. The island itself is a giant melting pot of several cultures from all corners of the earth, so you can be sure that the architectural scene in this island is something to behold. One of the most astonishing and eye-catching architectures in the city must be the Sino-Portuguese Architecture that can be seen in Phuket's Old Town. The style is quite unique to this region of the world, as it’s the combination of Southern Chinese art and the Classic European-style construction. Some refer to this type of architecture as “Chinese Baroque,” which is a fitting name considering great care was put into achieving symmetry in the construction. If you’re one to enjoy the site of unique construction styles in strange locations, Phuket won’t disappoint!

Chinese Influence

Back in the late 1800s, Phuket was a thriving tin-mining town, inviting many foreign prospectors and investors from all over the world to come to it. This is where the combination of cultures came from, but of all the different cultures that are a part of Phuket, Chinese is the most dominant. You can find many structures around the cities that have strong Chinese influence, especially the shrines in the city. Some of the examples of these famous Chinese shrines are the Jui Tui and Bang Niew shrines, which are the centerpiece of many different celebrations on the island, including the Chinese New Year Parade in February.

Local Brews

The Phuket crowd is crazy for coffee and cocktails, with many indie businesses crafting their own brews and formulating cocktail recipes that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Much like the rest of the culture of this strange but mesmerizing island, the coffee and cocktail world of Phuket has its own take on things. From Aeropress latte and nitro cold brew, to single-origin espresso, there’s no shortage of creativity, love, and imagination in the coffee scene in Phuket City. Drop by at the Th Thalang’s cafe-gallery for an afternoon full of inspiration and great coffee. Once the sun sets, it’s time for you to whip out the spirits. Pay a visit to the Moody Dibuk House, which is known for their innovative cocktails and one of a kind drinks that you can’t find anywhere else. Most of the bars in Phuket will serve the rums made by the local distillery so you can taste the true flavor of the island as well.

Art Scene

Aside from Bangkok, Phuket is the fashion-central of Thailand. The crowd here is eclectic and devoted to the art of crafting a distinct look that will make you go “Oh!” each time you see the style. The Vintage Thai-Bohemian look is the staple of Phuketian style, and many artists and designers based in the island take great pride in their work. The street art-inspired Drawing Room Gallery is one of the most praised galleries in Thailand, so be sure to pay it a visit if you’re ever in Phuket.

As you can see, the island has a lot to offer to tourists who are looking to enjoy the signature Phuket vibes. To make sure that you get the most out of your trip to Phuket, you will need accommodation in a great location. Ayara Kamala Resort is a boutique hotel on Kamala beach, get in touch today to book your stay.