Everything to Know About the Fun Friday Avenue Market

The Fun Friday Avenue Market is a weekend market that operates every Friday evening at the Boat Avenue, on the way to the Phuket Laguna. Although small, the market is fun to visit and explore, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss if you’re staying in the Bangtao Beach area. After all, night markets are huge attractions in Thailand. You should not pass up on the chance to visit one.

If you’re planning to go to the Fun Friday Avenue Market this Friday night, continue reading!

Fun Friday Avenue Market: An Overview

Boat Avenue is a neighborhood known for its shop-houses and specialty restaurants that are strategically located near Tinlay Place. Previously, Tinlay Place was the only place in Phuket where you could experience anything close to nightlife. Over the years, things have changed advanced in Phuket.

The Fun Friday Avenue Market has added life to the Boat Avenue. Although this night market is nowhere near the famous and huge Phuket Weekend Market held at the Chillva Market, the Fun Friday Avenue Market can give tourists a unique and memorable experience. This is particularly true if you’re staying in a place where there are not many activities to enjoy. If you're staying in or around Bang Tao, you’ll realize sooner or later that nothing much goes on in the area. Fun Friday Avenue Market is sure to add some fun and life to your stay. A trip to the market lets you end your day with a fun and interesting experience.

However, you should manage your expectations. Although coined as “market,” the shopping experience you’ll get may not be one for the books. You may find a few things to buy to remind you of your holiday, from tees, bags, shoes, accessories, and other local souvenirs.

More than the shopping, Fun Friday Avenue Market is more about the food! There are lots of food options to choose from, and if you’re up for some challenge, the market offers a fun way to try out new stuff that you haven’t eaten or tasted before.

What to Eat at the Fun Friday Avenue Market

Fun Friday Avenue Market features a wide variety of food choices, from grilled meats to noodles and other local delicacies. You are probably thinking about the grilled meats and seafood right now. Fried noodles are a must-try, and you’ll also find a variety of stewed food options as well. Thailand is also known for meatballs and fish balls. They may be a bit rubbery, but they’re worth a try. You’ll also find smoothies, salads, and soups.

After you’ve chosen your treats, you can enjoy them at one of the outdoor tables set near a small stage where local artists perform. Are you up for some drinks or cocktails? Check out The Mexican, a permanent little bar that serves excellent Margaritas and Mojitos at just 99 baht per glass. They also serve other exotic concoctions and ice creams. The bar is right in the middle of the market, so you can’t miss it.

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