Get to Know Mai Khao Beach - Phuket's Hidden Gem & Turtle Paradise - Guide

Mai Khao Beach, Phuket’s longest beach that stretches about ten kilometers in the northern tip of the region, offers seclusion and loads of privacy with minimal commercial activities. As part of Sirinath National Park, this beach is protected. Located just a 30-minute drive away from Patong, it allows visitors to walk along the shore for miles undisturbed. There are even times when you will be completely alone on the island.

Mai Khao, translated as “white wood,” is the breeding ground for sea turtles. Between November and February, visitors would be able to see a glimpse of them laying their eggs on the beach. Around April, as part of the conservation efforts to save endangered species, visitors can watch hundreds of baby turtles being released into the sea. The sand of this beach is probably the coarsest of any other sand on the island.

People come to this beach to experience peace and solitude. Pretty much underdeveloped compared to the other beaches of Phuket like Patong, Kata, Karon, or Kamala, this Mai Khao beach is considered as the most peaceful in Northern Phuket. The hotels and resorts are spread far wide-out from each other, unlike in other destinations where they are all bunched up together.

There is an abrupt drop off into the Andaman sea just a short distance out into the water, so swimming here during the low season around May and November can be dangerous. Since it is secluded and underdeveloped, there is no safety of a lifeguard around the beach. So be careful when visiting and swimming during this period.

Activities in Mai Khao

Despite the beach being isolated, Mai Khao Beach still offers amazing natural parks and great family fun resorts visitors can enjoy.

International Wake Park (IWP) in Phuket

If you're up for an adventurous and sporty day out, then IWP is the place to be. IWP is the best place to try when you want an adventure of wakeboarding along the warm tropical waters of Thailand. Thanks to its latest Rixen cable system, visitors can wakeboard at one of the best wake parks Thailand has to offer while experiencing the diverse terrain from the ocean view.

Wat Mai Khao

The abbot of Wat Mai Khao, Lung Poh Dang, is famously known as a strict monk whose primary focus is meditation and not materialism. That is the reason that there are no fancy buildings in Wat Mai Khao except for the main chapel, the monks’ dormitory, and the simply built karepiiy hall. In spite (or perhaps because) of its bareness and simplicity, Wat Mai Khao is still a well-loved place.

Sirinath National Park

Phuket is famous for parks that are a sanctuary of relaxation. If you are a nature lover, be awed by the width and depth of amazing flora and fauna you can find at Sirinath National Park. This park is huge, covering the whole of Nai Thon, Nai Yang, and Mai Khao Beach.

Located at the park's northern end, near Tah Chatchai, is a lush mangrove forest with saltwater swamps offering guests a view of a unique eco-system. An 800-meter wooden walkway and nature trail has been built, as well as signs pointing out and explaining the different species of animals and plants that can be found in the forest.

One of the major attractions in this park is the airplanes flying really low over the beaches. It is a must for visitors to have a photo of a plane flying over their heads.

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