Our Guide to Enjoying an Extended Family Vacation in Phuket

After years of planning and saving money, your family trip to the sandy beaches of Phuket, Thailand has now come to fruition. Nothing beats baring your bodies on the bayfront beachside, while the young ones play ball or bask beneath the big blue sky. However, with a large number of relatives joining the trip comes many logistical and generational problems.

Preparing everyone before the trip

For one, the millennials and generation Z’s would prefer locking themselves in the wifi-connected and air-conditioned hotel. For them, the beaches are bland and boring compared to gaming or watching movies. The “young once” on the other hand, will exhort the young ones to go out more.

Others may only annoy the young ones with cheesy jokes they won’t understand. These generational differences in opinion and preferences can become a full-blown conflict that can spoil your trip. To prevent this, you will have to plan your Phuket trip down to the last detail.

Manage expectations

With so many family members joining the trip, they inevitably have varying levels of expectations. Some may not consider the weather or underestimate the language barrier between tourists and local Thais. Other relatives might be a killjoy in that their expectations of Phuket would be too low. Unrealistic expectations are an emotional minefield that you must address before it explodes.

Gather the whole family as a group at least a week before the trip. Show them pictures of the hotel you plan to stay, some of the sites you expect to visit, and the local cuisine. Explain the customs, cultures, and the rules, especially policies on swimming safety and alcohol. Also, talk about who will take care of which expenses. The teenagers, in particular, need to know how much pocket money they will be given.

Involve everyone

In another meeting, discuss the rules for children and adults. If you are planning to have a barbecue, you also have to discuss who washes the dishes, who buys from the market, and other logistics matters. Make sure everyone, even the kids, is involved in the planning process. It will make them more emotionally invested in the trip, ensuring its safety and success. Involving everyone in the crafting of the rules would also place an onus on everyone to stick to them. The children would be watching, so the adults should lead by example in upholding the rules.

Other than deciding about the funds, also discuss your choice of accommodation because Phuket has many hotels. Consider the size of the whole group, the number of children, facilities and amenities, length of your stay, and safety, on top of the price tag. Ideally, you should choose a place with rooms that are adjacent to each other so that everyone can stay close.

The children can give suggestions, and the adults can help narrow down options. The lead organizer should make sure that the spirit and mood of the discussions remain constructive at all times. Let everyone speak their thoughts so that you have a semblance of democracy in the family. Then, the family members who will fund the trip would cast their votes in a separate meeting, based on the consultations made during the extended family meeting.

Plan activities for everyone

There are many things to do in Phuket that can satisfy every generation’s preferences. There’s watching kickboxing matches for some and flea markets for others. The teenage millennials can explore the island by a motorbike ride.

If the weather conditions are right, the teens can also try kayaking or paragliding. Grandparents can play golf or stroll by the beachside, while the eight-year-olds can go to any Phuket’s elephant zoos.

As the lead organizer, you need to do your research first. Then, plan your vacation according to the shared interests of each family member.

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