Our Guide to Experiencing the Relaxing Vibe of Phuket’s Kamala Beach - What to Know

If you would like to experience Phuket’s stunning shoreline without as many crowds, consider paying a visit to Kamala Beach, which is just a few kilometers south of Surin Beach. This natural haven gives you the best of both worlds. The southern end can attract crowds, but it’s nowhere near the number of people you’ll see at Patong or Kata. Meanwhile, its northern part offers an atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding. Aside from the beach, you can explore the nearby fishing village or its bordering hills.

What to do in Kamala

Savor the moment and relax in any spot along Kamala’s two-kilometer shoreline. Its soft sand is perfect for lying down and enjoying the view or for building sandcastles with the children. Meanwhile, the rock formations in the northern part can serve as perfect backdrops for photographs. Look out for the tsunami monument in the middle of the beach in memory of the devastating 2004 tsunami.

The enclosed body of water provides mild waves that are perfect for snorkeling and skimboarding. You’ll enjoy taking a swim in the clean sea with fewer people around. By the afternoon, the tide recedes to reveal a flat sand surface with rocks on either side. Local fishers flock to this area to reel in a catch. If you want, you can give fishing a try as well! Cap off the day by witnessing the glorious sunset as it turns the sky into a palette of colors.

Everything you need at the village

Take a break from the beach and head to Kamala Village for fresh seafood. Look out for the local market that opens on Mondays and Fridays in the northern part as well as the southern version on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The market provides all the local dishes and fruits that will satisfy your hunger. It is also an ideal spot for buying souvenirs like clothes, electronics, rugs, and handmade ornaments, to name a few.

These two markets offer a different vibe. The market in the North is more tourist-centric because of the tourist outlets and gimmicks, while the Southern market is more traditional. Try your luck in scoring a bargain even though prices are already reasonably low.

Feel better with a massage

The best way to take a breather is to enjoy a relaxing massage. If you have been walking around for a while, an all-body massage for $8 per hour is the perfect antidote for exhaustion. There are also massages for the neck, back, and foot for the same price. Meanwhile, the aloe vera massage soothes your skin after a long day of sun exposure. Aside from open-air massages, Tourist Street houses salons such as Planet Sabai, which offers traditional Thai and oil massages as well as pedicures for your sun-kissed feet.

Indulge at your accommodation

After a long day of activities, Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa provides a comforting experience that will recharge you for the next item on your itinerary. The stylish elephant-inspired design wonderfully blends with black tiles and marbled bathroom floors to achieve a calming effect. Pamper yourself at Ratana Spa and enjoy delicious dishes while gazing on the horizon at Cradle restaurant.

If you’re looking for a relaxing boutique hotel for your trip to Phuket, Ayara Kamala Resort is your best option! Get in touch with us today to book your stay.