Spa and Thai Massage Treatments in Phuket - Where to Go

Thai massage is very popular and known around the world for providing better relaxation and great experiences when traveling Thailand.

If you find yourself in Phuket looking for a spa day, there are tons of places on this island where you can go to get these services. Many different shops will provide a range of different services and treatments that refresh and rejuvenate not only your body but your mind. It is important that you know about the types of massages before you try to go and get one.

Here are some of the few most popular treatments that you can get at basically every shop you might run into while you are having the time of your life in Phuket:

Oil and aromatherapy

An oil or aromatherapy massage is more than just getting a warm oil massage. In order to reap the whole benefit of the treatment, you want to make sure that a trained therapist is performing it for you. It is important that they give you a consultation with an aromatherapist beforehand in order to assess your general health.

With this information, they can create a personalized oil blend just for you that will suit your needs. A spa treatment involves applying this oil with long gentle strokes in order to come and see you that your nerves and muscles.

This will target the lymphatic system and will improve your blood circulation as well as help drain toxins from your body. This can be great for anyone with emotional stress or physical pain.

Shoulders, neck, and back

This type of massage will focus on the upper half of your body and can help loosen up any tight muscles in those areas. This is great for a relaxing after a long flight or a busy day at work. With this treatment, firm pressure will be applied to these places in order to reduce the tension and may focus around your neck and shoulder area in order to reduce any stiffness.

For athletes

Sports massage is a type of massage that will help optimize your performance as an athlete. Treatments may involve trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, release therapy, and many other techniques. Massage can help athletes improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and achieve better muscle balance. It will also reduce the risk of injury and will speed up your recovery time. Massages can be particularly effective if done immediately before or after a major sporting event.

Foot reflexology

A foot massage is important because of a theory that specific areas of the feet are associated with specific parts of the body, particularly major internal organs. Getting a foot massage at a Phuket spa will certainly revitalize sore feet and will make you feel ready for the rest of the day. You might want to look into any spa that offers a foot bath, massage tables, special reclining chairs, and refreshments.

A foot massage experience will include stimulation of the reflex points on your hands and ears, which will bring you the benefits of a full body treatment without actually getting a full-body massage.

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