The Best Art Galleries and Studios to Visit in Phuket_ Our Guide

Phuket is known for its seafood, beaches, and nightlife scene, but one thing that most people overlook is the booming art scene on the island. Thanks to its strategic location in the Andaman Sea, Phuket has always been a popular location for travelers from all over the world. The island has become a melting pot with people many cultures, ranging from Chinese, Muslim, and European, to Thai. The amalgamation of these different cultures has created a distinct identity for the average Phuketian. This sense of identity has allowed young Phuket-based artists to form a foundation of the idea that they incorporate in their work. So far, this combination has worked wonders, as the art scene in on the island is growing incredibly rapidly. If you’re planning to come to Phuket, here are the best art galleries and museum on the Island:

Phuket Trick Eye Museum

The Phuket Trick Eye Museum is the place where you can see and learn about the magnificent power of light and illusions. You can interact and engage with many pieces that create a surreal backdrop and visual effect. It’s a great place for both kids and adults to have fun with their imagination. If you’re planning to have an art tour in Phuket, this is the best place to start.

Napas Art Gallery

Napas Art Gallery exhibits the original works of local Phuket artists. Run by two local artists, the gallery displays some of the best oil paintings and acrylic paintings that are related to Phuket. Some of the best works in this establishment were created by a famous Thai artist, Soon Papan. It’s a great place to see what Thai artists have to offer.

Fe2 Decor

If you like crystal arts, wood sculptures, and precious jewelry, Fe2 Decor is the best place for you. The gallery is run by Efi Haninkes, a New York-based artist and art curator who has spent years working and studying art in Paris. He has settled in Phuket and opened this jewelry and gemstone decor shop that you will surely love.

Soul of Asia Phuket

Soul of Asia is an art gallery that displays art pieces with Dutch heritage. It’s a branch of the art gallery that was first established in Hong Kong of the same name. The one in Phuket has been opened for 15 years, collecting all sorts of art pieces from all over Asia. The location also displays some art pieces from big names such as Picasso, Warhol, Chagall, and Dali. If you love art, there’s no reason why you wouldn't love this place.

i Mon Art Gallery

i Mon Art Galler is the best place to see a collection of large-scale paintings, wood art, and linocut prints that will surely captivate your imagination. It’s a place that’s both inventive, innovative, and mesmerizing at the same time.

Ton Art Studio

Ton Art Studio is an open-house art studio/gallery where you can see the art pieces being created. You can also buy and bid on pieces that are being created, giving the place a unique spin. If you want to experience the art bidding war like a curator, this is the place you should visit when you’re in Phuket.

KruSingsornsilpa Art Phuket

This is the best art school in Phuket, hands down. It’s the place where adults and children learn everything there is to know about art and design, from the very basics to the advanced principles of artistry. If you want to learn more about art, KruSingsornsilpa is the best place to go.

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