Tips on How to Plan a Do-Nothing Vacation

The clear skies, ocean breeze, and a stretch of pristine waters as far as the eyes can see is the ideal vacation for a relaxing trip with the family. If you’re looking to take a break from your bustling schedule and stressful routine, hop on a plane and drop off to a tropical paradise in Kamala, Phuket, a tropical hub for a worry-free vacation for families.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that almost everyone on this planet enjoys doing nothing at least once in their lives. The fancy of lounging by the seaside while sipping an ice-cold beverage is hard to snub. After all, a summer staycation is the best opportunity to escape from all the stressful deadlines and unbearable traffic jams.

Most vacations, however, are packed with thrill-seeking activities, full cultural immersion, and mind-expanding experiences that don’t leave any time for supine positions or complete relaxation. If you’re looking for the ultimate getaway weekend where you can strictly do nothing but unwind, we’re here to help you pack all the right tips to help make it happen for you.

Tip #1: Unplug from Technology

Leaving your phone behind may not be an option as it is an essential gadget that keeps you connected to your life at home, but other devices such as laptops or tablets can sleep by your desk for a few days. This gives you some time away from any work-accessible content, allowing you to fully participate in your vacation and unwind from the built-up stress of your work.

Additionally, staying clear of social media while you’re on a getaway trip will help reset your body and mind as you have the chance to relax without any distractions completely. Not to mention, summer calls for an abundance of free time.

Between the seesaw of requirements, work, and all-nighters, it’s hard to find literature a place in the pyramid of our needs. So during your do-nothing vacation, instead of scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, give books the concentration they deserve and glue your eyes to the page– remember to reapply the sunblock now and then!

Tip #2: Dress for a Do-Nothing Outing

Abstain from denim jeans, fancy dresses, and anything restricting. Other than weathering you down, these thick and demanding clothes require effort and will push you to do activities that aren’t part of your do-nothing summer list. To that end, commit yourself to loose clothing and easy-breezy rompers for a more chill look.

Choose garments that are easy to wear, comfortable and stylish. Unlike hustle and bustle of the city, there’s no rush to put loose clothes on and no hurry to take them off either. Dressing up light can surely take you from chilling at the beach to an unwinding night out near the coastlines of a picture-perfect beach.

Tip #3: Pack Light

You may have been planning for a summer trip for months, so it’s only natural to stress about the basic essentials you’ll need to bring with you to help maximize your vacation. To that end, here is a list of swim and beach gear you need to bring:

  • - Two swimsuits
  • - Two cover-ups
  • - Two pairs of shoes
  • - Two bottoms
  • - Four to five light tops

If you’re aiming for a relaxing vacation that requires minimal effort, it’s crucial to pack light as this will support your dedication to enjoy your time away from any form of demanding activities.

Many weekend getaways feel like a whirlwind of adventure, but taking the effort to relish your trip and enjoy the slow time by a provincial town can help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to get back to the grind.

Beyond gaining back your energy and taking a much-needed rest from your fast-paced routine, taking a ‘do-nothing’ vacation allows you to stay active in your present and appreciate the little things you wouldn’t notice on any other day.

For instance, appreciating moments such as picking up shells, smelling exotic flowers, munching on snacks, or taking a light stroll to botanical gardens are all leisure past-times that can help ease your worries and root you back in a peaceful state. To that end, don’t hesitate to say no to productivity now and then. Everybody needs their version of downtime after all.

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