What Many Women Think Makes for a Romantic Dinner in Phuket - Where to Go

Taking someone on a date in Phuket is by itself romantic. A trip with its sparkly beaches is unlike holding a dinner date somewhere in the bland continental interiors of the West. However, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with stereotypes either as it may drain your budget and may feel frustrating on your part. If you are in Phuket with your woman, you might be wondering how to make the exotic island paradise serve your romance pursuits. Here is what many women think.

Fancy does not always mean better

If your woman is a “materialistic girl,” there is no doubt that a clichéd expensive Phuket restaurant would catch her attention. However, she might find you boring for giving her a clichéd experience.

What matters is not just the glamor or the taste of fine dining, but “being in the moment,” eating and observing each other smile and sharing stories and discussions over a hearty meal. Even if it’s a simple roadside restaurant, as long as she feels in good company with you, it would be sufficient. Before you book a pricey reservation for two, make sure you know what she wants.

Fresh, light, and healthy food

Your date may be insecure about her body image. As such, she might prefer foods with low calories and cholesterol. You don’t want to spoil your Phuket date with a roasted pig and oily crabs, no matter how delicious the meals. Instead, you can try salads, smoothies, or even fruit munchies such as papaya.

Phuket has many restaurants that cater to vegans and vegetarians. Even if neither of you two is a vegetarian, it’s still best to choose healthy and light food during your stay. Don’t forget to ask her if she is allergic to certain types of food, such as shrimp or shellfish.

You need to exert effort

When looking for a restaurant for your date, don’t search on Google and click what’s on top of the search results! You have to make sure that the restaurant you choose suits her needs and interests.

Exert effort in doing your research, comparing reviews, and conducting ocular visits before your dinner date. For example, you might want to book a table that faces west so that you and your date can be awed by the setting sun. Nothing feels more romantic than that. You can even try booking a reservation at a mountaintop restaurant for a panoramic view of the island.

It all boils down to one thing: how well do you know her?

Online reviews and forums can only be of much help. Ultimately, choosing the right venue for your dinner date comes to you and your girl’s preferences and lifestyle. Thus, you have to ask yourself repeatedly if you know what she wants and if your girl likes you in the first place. Nobody wants to waste money and time getting rejected. You have to make sure that everything would be worth the effort.

Knowing the type of restaurant she likes, her favorite food, birthday, interests, and attitude, would all go a long way in concluding a date successfully. By doing so, you show how much you care for what your partner thinks and feels. More than your budget, it’s the thought and sincerity that counts, when finding a romantic dinner place in Phuket.

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