What Water Features Should You Expect From a Luxury Villa

When it comes to luxury villas, you want to make sure that the style of your structure is top notch. Keep your design, landscaping, and decorations looking great and install anything else that might elevate the villa for your guests. Water features are a must-have at any luxury villa. Whether it's a small pool, a beautiful water fountain, or a delightful birdbath, water features bring a bit of elegance to your decor.

Pools and Jacuzzis

Pools are a great attraction to any type of accommodation. There are many types of pools you can have installed at your villa. Private pools, public pools of different sizes or styles, or even an infinity pool is sure to attract more guests to your luxury villa. Pools are often the highlight feature of luxury villas. Jacuzzis are also a really great addition for any facility. They are always a winning attention-grabber for guests browsing accommodation websites. Hot tubs can be more intimate for smaller groups, whereas a pool can be fun for families or a great activity for a large group of friends. Install a speaker system and make sure at least a part of the depth is child-friendly for more customer satisfaction.

Bathtubs in Every Room

The best way to enhance a bathroom and make it more luxurious is to add a bathtub. Luxurious villas are a good place for lovers or families to come for a vacation or relax. It can also make for a great getaway by yourself.

Rain Showers

Bathrooms can feel even more luxurious with a showerhead that sits above you, pouring water down onto you. This handsfree shower can really add something special to your guests' everyday showers. Rain showers will add a sense of relaxation. Not to mention they just feel amazing to be under! It’s the perfect way to wind down before bed or to wake up in the morning.

Steam Room

A luxurious villa should offer many great experiences for their guests. Besides waking up to a nice rain shower or being able to take a long, hot bath, there are many other things that will further upgrade your experience. For those looking to relax their muscles or detox, saunas and steam rooms are a great way to do so. Steam rooms can also promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing. Allow your guests options for leisure.


There is such a thing as both indoor and outdoor waterfalls. When it comes to creating a luxurious accommodation, you don't need to limit yourself. A waterfall can be a great decoration to provide relaxation to any space. The sound of water is a great way to bring a sense of calm to any space. Plus, this water feature will certainly be an eye-catching centerpiece.


When looking at luxury accommodation, fountains are always a given. Since ancient times, these flowing water installations have been a popular decoration. Fountains can also sometimes double as seating if it's big enough. It's beautiful, eye-catching, and the sound of the water will promote calmness. This amazing decoration is sure to add some liveliness to your lobby, garden, or anywhere else that you decide to set it.

Koi Ponds

If you want to add a zen vibe to your property, a Koi fish pond will bring that tranquility. Watch the beautiful white and orange scales of these fish gleam with light as it reflects off the water. Koi fish can also just bring a little pizzaz to your waterfall. This feature would be great if your villa has a bit of an oriental feel to it. It will induce relaxation and just be an overall beautiful decoration.

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