Where to Watch The Sunset in Phuket

Nothing captures the mixed feelings of melancholy, pride, and fun of being human quite like witnessing the sunset in Phuket. You can make a toast as you watch daylight give way to darkness, or you can just sit down and think of nothing as the setting sun paints the sky with vivid colors that stir your soul. But some places in Phuket offer a better view of those colors than others. Here are the three best places where you can hang out and watch the sunset:

1) Boathouse Phuket: luxurious, delicious

Right below the restaurant of this resort, there is a patio that offers an unobstructed panoramic view of the horizon to the west where you can see the sunset. Boathouse Phuket’s award-winning wine cellar is considered one of the best on this island. You can take a sip of this resort’s signature cocktails and watch as the sun sets.

When night has fallen, you can have dinner at this resort’s restaurant. They offer Western and Thai cuisine, which is great for those who want to have a taste of home and a taste of Thailand at the same time. Ribs entree, carpaccio, lamb shank massaman, and sticky mango rice are some of the Boathouse’s offerings. For dessert, you can have chocolate and cream. After drinks and dinner, you can stroll on the placid beach of Kata Noi.

2) Nothing beats your own yacht

There is no problem with watching a sunset on dry land, but doing so on the water is different. If you are someone who’s at home on the sea, then you can try watching the sunset from the deck of your boat. Not only will there be no crowds, but there won’t be anything obstructing your view. There will be nothing on the horizon except clouds, mountain silhouettes, the sea, and of course, the setting sun. The view aboard a yacht is simply unmatched, and what’s more, you have it all to yourself. There are yachts for rent anchored at Phuket’s ports. You can rent one of them, and its crew can take you out to Phang Nga Bay. When night falls, you can count the stars and trace the constellations, without having to contend with the glare of light pollution on land.

3) Promthep Cape: budget-friendly yet wholesome

If you can’t afford a yacht or a fancy menu, there are other ways you can watch the sunset in Phuket. Located in the southernmost tip of Phuket island is Promthep Cape, a beachside ridge filled with tall grass. Its height makes it an excellent place to watch the sun rise and set. The scenic view of the sun setting in the expanse of the Andaman Sea is great here, and you can also see the heart-shaped isle of Koh Khao Yai in the foreground. The spot atop the ridge is quite windy, which adds to the drama of watching the sunset. You can get to Promthep Cape by biking or jogging, or you can ride a bus or tuk-tuk there. There are also places to park if you have your own wheels.

Nevertheless, Promthep tends to be crowded, especially in the late afternoon when tourists jostle for the best picture-perfect shots. If you want to avoid the crowds, go down the rock wall found at the main parking area and head south until you come to a small shrine. Continue past the shrine until you find a spot that’s perfect for you.

Final words

Wherever you plan to watch the sunset, make sure to be there on time. You wouldn’t want to miss it, so if you have to travel from somewhere else in Phuket to any of these three places, you have to leave early to catch the sunset.

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