Why The Beach is Perfect For Your Honeymoon

Wedding planning isn’t all romance and roses

From the moment your beloved gets down on one knee, you often see the world through rose-colored lenses. Everything is romantic and beautiful. You’ve got your favorite person in the world by your side - what could ever go wrong? At some point during wedding planning, however, those rose-colored lenses come off and reality starts to set in. Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful. You’ve got to figure out the guest list, the venue, and the wedding ceremony. And we haven’t even gotten started on the decor, the dress, and the wedding party!

Your wedding day is going to be an incredible day that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. However, it’s also going to be exhausting. That’s why weddings are often followed up by honeymoons. It’s the perfect time to get away with the love of your life to spend a couple days in blissful oblivion, recovering from the madness of planning your big day. Where better to recuperate than on a gorgeous tropical beach?

There’s a reason why beaches are incredibly relaxing. Studies have shown that looking at “blue space” helps us relax and de-stress. The wide expanse of blue ocean is a great blue space to gaze at, don’t you think? After the wedding madness, put the strain behind you and focus on spending some time with your sweetheart. Sure, you could visit the lake or go on a trip to the mountains, but those “green spaces” won’t relax you as much as the blue expanse of the ocean would.

In case we haven’t made it abundantly clear, spending time on the beach and enjoying the waves will help your brain de-stress. Not to mention you’ll get to enjoy a tropical honeymoon with your favorite person. There’s a lot more than the beach as well. Most honeymooners visit beach destinations where they can go to the spa, visit some tourist sites, and even enjoy romantic drinks at sunset. Why would you not choose to honeymoon in a tropical paradise?

Make Phuket, Thailand your travel destination

Whether you’re off on your first honeymoon after your wedding or are just looking for a romantic getaway, Phuket would be the perfect place. Tourists flock to the Peal of the Andamans year after year - and for good reason! Romance is aplenty in the area. You can walk along the shore hand-in-hand, book a couple’s spa, snorkel and island hop, and watch the sunset with some incredible cocktails. After all that wedding planning stress, you deserve to treat yourself.

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